A technique for stereotactic radiosurgery treatment planning with helical tomotherapy.

A robust and efficient planning technique was identified to produce plans of radiosurgical quality using the TomoTherapy treatment planning system. Dose calculation did not exceed a few hours and resulting delivery times were less than 1 hour, which allows the process to fit into a single day radiosurgery workflow. Plan conformity compared favorably with published results for gamma knife radiosurgery. In addition, plan homogeneity was similar to linac-based approaches.

Fan Beam MVCT Image Quality

Performance characterization of megavoltage computed tomography imaging on a helical TomoTherapy unit.

Helical TomoTherapy

TomoTherapy’s unique ability to deliver radiation in a helical geometry allows you to treat deep-seated targets and lesions located near the surface of the patient with homogeneous dose while avoiding the adjacent critical structures.

TomoTherapy® Treatment Plan for Scalp Carcinoma

The patient was treated for skin cancer of the forehead. The prescribed dose: 2.0 Gy per fraction/60.0 Gy total.

TomoTherapy Physician Testimonials
TomoTherapy Physician Testimonials