hi art

Fan Beam MVCT Image Quality

Performance characterization of megavoltage computed tomography imaging on a helical TomoTherapy unit.

TomoTherapy® CTrue™ Adaptive Lung Case

Using CTrue technology, the shifting tumor can be correctly aligned before every fraction and dose can be overlaid to check target coverage and organ sparing.

Helical TomoTherapy

TomoTherapy’s unique ability to deliver radiation in a helical geometry allows you to treat deep-seated targets and lesions located near the surface of the patient with homogeneous dose while avoiding the adjacent critical structures.

Total Marrow Irradiation

TomoTherapy Hi·Art® treatment system case study: total marrow irradiation.

Case Study: Renown Institute for Cancer

How Renown Institute for Cancer is using the TomoTherapy® Hi•Art® treatment system to maintain leadership in a competitive market.