TomoTherapy H-Serie

The TomoTherapy® System, the premier solution for the entire spectrum of radiation therapy — that delivers dose only where you need it — now with outstanding speed, performance and simplicity — allowing you the freedom to choose the very best treatment for each of your patients, with confidence and without compromise.

Created to make personalized treatments an option for radiation therapy, the TomoTherapy® H™ Series offers interactive planning and efficient delivery of highly sculpted doses for personalized and consistent treatments. Seamless daily CT image guidance enables precise patient positioning, margin reduction, adaptive planning and pinpoint dose accuracy for every radiation therapy patient.

Clinical Excellence

  • Treats a full spectrum of radiotherapy patients without compromise
  • Enables planning and delivery of highly sculpted dose distributions

Patient Focus

  • Facilitates seamless daily CT image guidance for precise patient positioning, margin reduction and adaptive planning
  • Provides personalized and consistent treatments for every patient
  • Spares more normal tissue, helping to reduce side effects

Economic Impact

  • Schedule your radiation therapy patients in conventional time slots
  • Fast and flexible treatment planning for each individual patient
  • Automated quality assurance

The TomoHDA™ System - The ultimate flexibility in treatment delivery, enabling unrivaled dose conformality, faster patient treatments, and faster concurrent treatment planning. It grants every patient access to high quality treatment.
  • TomoEDGE™ spares more normal tissue, while enabling increased throughput and unprecedented quality
  • High-performance VoLO™ planning provides flexibility, speed, efficiency and interactivity for concurrent treatment planning
  • Expands your practice by efficiently treating patients that are difficult to treat with conventional radiation therapy equipment

The TomoHD™ System - Offering the full spectrum solution for any radiation oncology center by providing high-quality treatments to every patient for any clinical indication requiring radiotherapy
  • TomoHelical™ and TomoDirect™ modalities to enable delivery of individualized treatments for both routine and complex indications
  • VoLO planning provides the ultimate in flexibility, speed and efficiency with real time interactive planning
  • The clinical solution when accuracy, flexibility and efficiency cannot be compromised

The TomoH™ System - The gold standard for image-guided IMRT treatment delivery maximizes both conformality and target dose uniformity
  • CTrue™ image guidance provides daily 3D CT target localization and enables margin reduction while sparing healthy tissue
  • Ultra-fast binary MLC enables unprecedented intensity modulation
  • Excellent target homogeneity while sparing more normal healthy tissue